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About me

Credit: Benno Bischoff,  Blendstufe.de

Credit: Benno Bischoff, Blendstufe.de


Hey! My name is Charles, and I shoot everything music!

I'm a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany, and started photographing concerts in January 2016. Since then I covered over 300 shows, and never looked back.

Capturing the frenzy, the insanity, the spontaneity, the feeling, and emotion - this is my passion, this is my everything, and this is what I can provide you with: photography that sticks around, raises eyebrows, and brings back memories every time.

Clients include but are not limited to:

Fuck Art, Let’s Dance! / Molotow Hamburg / Booze Cruise Festival / Angst macht keinen Lärm Festival / Jamel rockt den Förster Festival / Hamburger Morgenpost / Visions Magazine / Love A / Arkells / Alex Mofa Gang / Leoniden / Roast Apple / Schreng Schreng & La La / fluppe. / Oakfield Festival / The Palm Set / Rookie Records / Keele / Fheels / clouds. / JunoKill / Monographic

Which types of photography do I offer?

  • Germany-wide live concert coverage

  • Europe-wide tour coverage

  • Band/Press photo shootings

  • Studio/Backstage documentation

Wanna work with me?

Simple! Just shoot me an email via kontakt@charlesengelken.de, and we'll talk about it!