Foto: Alexander Schliephake

Foto: Alexander Schliephake

The current year is drawing to a close, and by now everyone is throwing around their yearly reviews und top lists. We at noisiv.de are no exception to that rule, though we’ve gone on a slightly different path with a number of YouTube videos. My personal yearly retrospect will be a lot more conservative though.

The following is no chronological summary of the soon-to-end year, because such a simple essay wouldn’t do the 2017, that I experienced, no justice. This is rather a loosely structured recap of an insane year, after which I’m completely drained and exhausted. Talking of…


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I already wrote at last year’s recap that I had the most stressful but also my very best year in 2016. Admittedly I had no idea how much 2017 would literally beat me up from the inside. On December 31st I’ve got 102 concert and festival events on my credit.

Obviously such a life leaves you with scars. Sleeping well does not exist in the slightest bit anymore. Friendships and social contacts outside my work suffer from the stress I’m eagerly exposing myself to. In the end it is like it always been for me: all or nothing. No half-assed crap.

Trust and friendship

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All these strains were worth it though. 2017 had a lot of great moments in store. Many of which accumulate around Fuck Art, Let’s Dance!. In February I photographed the band at a secret show in Hamburg’s alternative/autonomic Gängeviertel district. Since then we’ve worked together several times now, and I’m immensely thankful for the trust, the new friendships and everything I’ve got to experience.

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Furthermore I had the opportunity to go on tour with Coppersky for three days in the end of November, performing in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne. You cannot do anything but deeply embosom these guys for their never-ending kindness. Something that starts every morning with little details like singer Erik asking me whether I slept well or not. These days really had a lasting effect on me.

I’m also extremely thankful towards all the artists, bands, and friends, with whom I got to work with this year: Love A, John Allen, Monographic, The Palm Set, Alex Mofa Gang, Who Killed Bruce Lee, Keele, clouds., Maloun, Fheels, and Leoniden. An equally big thankyou goes out to Rookie Records whose 21st birthday I got to document, and also to the crew at Molotow for which I was given the opportunity to shoot the entire Reeperbahn Festival at the venue, and with whom I’m regularly working together ever since.

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I do have a somewhat special bond with Who Kills Bruce Lee: Back in early 2016 their show in Munster was the fourth concert I ever took photos at. Which in return made it all the more special when I got to accompany them in Flensburg with my camera. I also shot press photos for Keele and documented their day at Millerntor Gallery. I was the official photographer for Love A when they performed their new record in Hamburg. Every moment with any of these bands was special and made 2017 the intense year that it was for me.

noisiv.de: New highlights

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I shot a big portion of those over 100 concerts and festivals for noisiv.de. Among all of that were some opportunities in which I got to shoot artists whose music has played a big part in my life for a long time now. Mark Lanegan, Monster Magnet, Thees Uhlmann, Beatsteaks, etc. etc. etc. If someone would’ve told me this two years ago, I would’ve called them crazy.

The first noisiv Fest that we hosted with Sion Hill, Gløde, and Wood & Valley at why not? Café in Hamburg was a key moment for me personally. The year-long struggles, the never-ending amounts of work, the nights I worked through - all of that culminated in that night. It was one of the very few moments in which I shed not just one tear of joy.


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This is only a superficial fissure of a year that that changed and define me as a human being like no other year. Every hour sleepless hour, every minute of hard and stressful work late at night, every sweat bead, every (one) kick in my face at a hardcore show - I wouldn’t want to miss nor change any of it.

Above everything else, there’s one thing that should’ve come across over the course of this text: I’m thankful. Towards all the bands, label and club crews, colleagues and other companions, with whom I was allowed to truly rock through 2017. It might sound emotive, but it’s true: every person has certainly made his/her difference in my year, and therefore by extension in my life.

2018? I’m so as to be ready for it! I’m coming at you in seven-league boots! Look out for yourself! I’m down for it!

Gallery: My Highlights in 2017

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