How to use my photos correctly

How to use my photos correctly


Are you allowed to use my photos?

You are generally allowed to use my photos to post on social media platforms. In this case you are obligated to credit me and my client if the latter is not you.

However, you generally may not use my content in any way differing from the above. This includes print designs and/or any way of embedding my photograph into another form of content. You are obligated to contact me personally. We will then work on a solution which will include a compensation.

The above does not apply in case I already gave you the specific permission to generally use my work in forms other than social media platform usage.

What are you allowed to do with my photos after turnaround?

You may use my photography in form of social media postings. You may also embed these in other forms or materials such as tour posters etc. if you have my agreement.

You may not edit, alter and/or crop my photos in any way without specific permissions. This will lead me to shoot you a message containing very nasty language. This is not desirable for both parties: it costs me time to write up a message and it costs you time to read it and then delete the respective photograph.